Our Land

I delivered the following petition with 152 signatures from Texas House District 7 to President Trump, Vice President Pence, Senator Cruz, Senator Cornyn, Congessman Gohmert, Governor Abbott, Senator Nichols, and Congressman Clardy.  (Use http://5Calls.org to put in your zip and get your representatives if you want to mail or email a petition.)

People get sick over a 3X5 foot piece of America burning and say nothing while our actual land is burned up, spoiled, and abused.  So President Trump wants to make flag burning illegal?  Why is it legal to desecrate US farmland with chemicals that cause cancer?  Why is it legal to use phosphorus that leaches into the Gulf of Mexico and kills fish for hundreds of miles?  Why is mountaintop removal legal?  Now members of Congress are trying to limit the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which is responsible for 90% of the Endangered Species stabilized or improving (Center for Biological Diversity, 2012).  Why is President Trump up in arms about our beloved flag?  He and his administration don’t love America.  They prate around behind a screen of false patriotism while they burn the America that matters most: Our Land.

We will not stand to see fertile farmland and wilderness destroyed by large-scale farming and mining.  We will not stand to see the ESA dismantled.  Development and pollution are ongoing threats to our family farms, ranches, wildlife, and public wilderness areas.

The threatened wildlife of the US and our community depend on these lands and the protections of the ESA.  Some animals can only survive in roadless wilderness, and half of our nation’s protected species use family farms for 80 percent of their habitat (American Farmland Trust, 2016).  Our threatened species have nowhere else to turn.

We need these lands – and the ones who devote their lives to them – to feed ourselves and our community.  We need the ESA to protect our beloved wildlife.

We pledge to protect Wildlife, Family Farms, and Wilderness. Please make that pledge with us.


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