Climate Blues

Some days all you can do is sing the blues.


Well I went to school
And I sat down in my chair
They said “Oh the world’s heatin’ up
Carbon levels are on the rise
Our cars pollute the skies
Every day we’re losing ice”
Oh Lordy
Well they took us
To a coal fired plant
Where they burn 100 tons a day
They said “Oh work’s slowing down
We’re all gonna lose our jobs
People are switching to gas
Climate change is a hoax”
Oh Lordy
I told my family
That I love the Earth
Lived outside in the woods
I’m a lone tall mountaineer
From shaded creek to shaded creek I roam
In Heaven on the rivers and roads
So free
Was a man
Elected President
Said he’ll give them back their jobs
He said “We’ll take the jobs from the EPA
And climate change is a hoax”
In Syria the water’s gone
We lost another species of frog
And I cried
Well I know that
A day will come
We’ll meet the Lord in the sky
He’ll put the New Jerusalem right on the Old
And then the damned shall leave
The Earth will be so green
We’ll be wise and we’ll be clean
Oh Lordy


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