ICE Releases a Russian Spy for “Good Behavior”

How do you tell the difference between conspiracy theory and actual conspiracy? ICE is ready to release a Russian spy ahead of schedule. He should stay and pay for his treason in a US jail. However, ICE is deporting him for “good behavior;” there is no trade for a US prisoner in Russia or any visible benefit to the US for releasing this spy. Is it any coincidence that the DHS wants to get rid of Evgeny Buryakov? No. The DHS is Trump’s “military operation” and it has taken the lead in executing his agenda, such as his illegal Muslim bans.

Make no mistake, we are at war. The S.V.R., the Russian intelligence agency, is performing operations on US soil right now. Releasing a convicted spy will embolden those that remain within our country, such as Buryakov’s two conspirators, who are still at large. I lave little faith that the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will scratch the surface of Russian involvement here in the US. The DOJ might also be part of the cover-up. Has the DOJ remained impartial, or is it also tainted by Trump allies, such as Jeff Sessions, who only recused himself from the Russian investigation when his lies went public? I only hope the Senate will find enough information to make convictions. Is ICE quietly “deporting” other Russian spies?  Time will tell.  

“What you have whispered to someone behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftop.” 


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