Vladimir Putin as Gay Clown

This photo was found on Russian social media site, Vkontakte, with the caption, “Putin voters … they say there are lots of them, but there aren’t any among the people I know.” 

It began as a sign protesting Russia’s Gay Propaganda law (2013). The Russian Security Forces detained and beat up around 100 homosexuals in Chechnya last week. Three are now dead (Novaya Gazeta, confirmed by Human Rights Watch, Russia). The military attacks in the Ukraine and Syria are small compared to Russia’s attacks on its own people, recently and historically. The US spy network and diplomatic network should be doing everything it can to undermine Putin’s regime. His bloody reign of terror must end.

Russia’s Justice Ministry banned the image, which has gained US media attention. Great job to the protestors risking their lives on the front lines of Russian oppression. I’ll share the photo again for good measure.

Click the picture below to see the Late Show cartoon of Gay Putin working it out on the dance floor!


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