A Child Shall Lead

I saw a video of a guy wearing a neon “JESUS WILL JUDGE YOU” hoodie, stomp kicking college students at a protest. Is he trying to bring back the crusades? How is this even possible in a country with more Bibles than people? The only time I remember Jesus and stomp kicking was when he was getting stomp kicked, and the only people he judged were unkind to the weak.

Jesus is not on that guy’s side. “In the same way that you judge, so shall you be judged, and in the same way that you measure out, so shall it be measured unto you.”

Small minded fools are so self-absorbed, they warp a religion to justify themselves. They do harm in the name of Christianity, which makes me sick. I bet this is the way a lot of Muslims feel about ISIS, Islamic terrorists, Islamic extremists, etc. I have to do something, so people who don’t know Jesus will see what he is really like.

So who is Jesus? “A child shall lead them.” What does this mean? Why children? In their small, defenseless state, they act as we all should. They walk slowly on their tiny legs. Only going slowly, can we clearly see the way ahead.  

They find treasure every day in the most ordinary things. No caterpillar or rock is unimportant to them, and neither is any person. They are quick to cry and quick to laugh. They sing.  

Being “Born Again” isn’t something the Holy Spirit does to us. It’s not a metaphor for “New Life.” Being born again is a return to a Past Life. A younger life, when we had to ask for help. When we realized how truly helpless we are, and didn’t even care. Until shown otherwise, we trusted every person.  

This is the basis of Jesus. This is the Jesus I want people to see. A cute little kid, tottering through a dangerous life, singing as he takes in every little joy. A kid who isn’t old enough to be self-reliant, so he naturally forms interdependent relationships with those around him. Even the greatest rage passes quickly, and even the gravest harm is quickly forgiven.

Being born again isn’t impossible, but it’s not easy either. It can’t be done with a single prayer or a single act. It means lowering yourself to the level of a child, again, and again, and again. Being born again takes study, especially the study of children. For a grown up to learn from a child, that person has to crush their pride. If a child is to lead us, we have to stop being leaders ourselves. At that point, our inner child is finally free to show us the way. I will be a child today. I will be meek, poor, pure, and merciful. That is what Jesus is really like.


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