21st Century Civil Rights Movement

10.13 Native American deaths by Police per million.  The End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA, HB 1498, 115th Cong.SB 1056, 114th Cong.) and the Police Training and Independent Review Act (HB 2302, 114th Cong.) are on the table. Now that Congress has backed the Blue, keeping funding going to sanctuary cities until September, let’s call our senators and congressman to bolster police training. It’s disappointing that Army service people overseas in combat situations with non US citizens have extensive training, while our own police departments do not always require training on how to handle the mentally ill or avoid discrimination.

Please call on these bills. ERPA is up for a vote in the House, and the other bills have yet to be re-introduced this session. Innocent people of color feel threatened by the police due to all the racially motivated violence. White people who have never committed a crime fear becoming collateral damage. When you fear your own police, you are no longer free. I don’t want my tax dollars going to Law Enforcement who don’t meet minimum training standards on discrimination and handling the disabled. 

 Police investigations must be tried by an independent panel. The second bill says we must “incentivize States to enact laws requiring the independent investigation and prosecution of the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers,” and I agree. Separation of Executive and Judicial power should be a part of all our administrative and Law Enforcement agencies. That type of concentration of power leads to abuse. It’s only human nature.

I’m tired of the flood of African American men and Native Americans dying by Policeman, and I’m tired of the blaring statistics being ignored by white people. They call these acts of police brutality random and isolated, but the facts tell a different story.   I, a White Person, want the world to know that Black Lives Matter. Native Lives Matter. And no one will be judged on the basis of their religion under US Law. Injustice for one is injustice for all. I will march, vote, call, write, mail, and represent Justice for All. The Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century is in full swing. Join the non-violent resistance.


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