The Ethanol Scam

I have created a 20 minute video on the pros and cons of ethanol.  Click here for video.  The presentation is very specific and formal, in case you want to educate yourself.  Here is the breakdown of the video:

Ever since 2002 our tax dollars have provided incentives to farmers to grow corn for ethanol.  Many sources still claim it is a healthy “alternative fuel.”  While I do not debate that it is fuel, its costs far outweigh the supposed benefits.  Ethanol production is responsible for massive environmental ruin that increases every year.  Each time we fill our tanks, we are contributing to deforestation and soil destruction.

Corn subsidies in the hands of Agribusinesses lead to increased rotations and chemical inputs.  The vast corn deserts are expanding.  Instead, we should be funding alternative crops which help wildlife and small farmers.  The Agricultural Extension offices and the NRCS are at hand in every community to shift farming to the demands of people: spinach, radishes, beans, carrots, fruit, or whatever people want to buy.

The government controls the commodity market and the ethanol market.  Stop supporting commodity crops instead of the farmers who grow healthy plants we eat!  A law must be made immediately ending the 10% ethanol requirement in fuel!  There is even a new bill this session, HR. 1315.  Please, reach out to your representatives to withdraw support and your tax dollars from this counter-productive, failed government program.

NPR article on ethanol from February 10, 2016: The Shocking Truth About America’s Ethanol Law: It Doesn’t Matter (For Now)

Click Five Calls App to find your representatives.

Sample phone message:

My name is _________ and I live at _________(zip code). I urge (Congressman/Senator/Governor/Lt. Governor) _________ to support (Senate:S.B. 577 of the 114th cong, Corn Ethanol Mandate Elimination Act of 2015 or) (House: H.B. 1315 RFS Reform Act of 2017 or) any law that stops a mandate for ethanol in gasoline.  Please support legislation that ends the 10% ethanol requirement.  It’s bad for family farms, it’s bad for wildlife, and it’s bad for the soil.  Also, it is not doing anything to fight climate change.  Thank you for your time.


6 thoughts on “The Ethanol Scam”

  1. Is this what you meant to say re the Ethanol Scam? “While I do not debate that it is fuel, its supposed benefits far outweigh the costs.”

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    1. Check out the video. While the ethanol program does create a market for farmers, it affects global prices and local property values. In the long run, ethanol subsidies harm small farmers. Access to other direct markets like roadside stands and cooperative markets provide farmers with a larger share of the profit than ethanol refineries.


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