Behind Your Back

H.R. 10 just passed in the House while we were all distracted with the Comey hearings. It’s not supposed to be able to make it’s through the Senate, but we have all learned the dangers of trusting political pundits on serious matters. This bill eliminates the Volcker Rule and parts of Dodd-Frank that would prevent another crash like the one in 2008. It is highly controversial, completely partisan, and must be stopped. Please, reach out to your Senators and our President to oppose this bill.

Click Five Calls App to find your representatives.

My name is _________ and I live at _________(zip code). I urge (Senator/President) _________ to oppose H.R. 10 — 115th Congress: Financial CHOICE Act of 2017 or any bill that would dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, reduce regulation on Wall Street and financial firms, or undermine the right to file shareholder proposals. Thank you for your time.

Click here for a breakdown of the bill in layman’s terms.


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