Cold War II

What do we actually know about the blast in North Korea September 3, 2017? When the North Korean government stated that they were doing a test on their two stage bomb, the ground shook for many miles, sending tremors into the ground at monitoring stations around the North Korea border with China.* Jets from Japan immediately picked up radiation readings. However, the massive timed blast did not provide any conclusive signature. A blast deep underground could contain all the radiation for conceivable time. We continue to check the water and soil and compare new measurements to our readings before the blast.*

What does this mean? All that we see seems consistent with North Korea’s claim of such a bomb. This type of bomb relies on a thermonuclear explosion. Such an explosive reation requires an explosive catalyst. In fact, the only known catalyst to begin an thermonuclear reaction is a hydrogen bomb – damaging enough on its own. This two stage bomb is the result of the Manhattan Project, our contribution to world peace in World War II.

I am not casting doubt on the decision to drop bombs on Japan. War is wrong, but sometimes unavoidable to defend the peace of our soil. The implications for North Korea should be clear. We’ve used nukes, and we will do it again. However, we have grown as a country. As the leader after that war, we negotiated to keep our role as nuclear giant. We promised we would use them, but we don’t want to. Japan still haunts us. Many innocent people died.

Kim Jong Un uses North Koreans as human shields to maintain his despotic rule. Our answer is containment, when their northern border is like a seive. For now, China will not take our side against North Korea, but will not take North Korea’s side. War could force them to make a choice. Will they defend their tiny neighbor to keep a US friendly government from their southern border? If China enters a war against us, they would have a lot of work to achieve the element of surprise. We can destroy their nuclear bombs before they can even move them into position. They are a definite threat, but a nuke in North Korea is almost as threatening. Would we have time to recognize what they are doing and stop them? Could they issue a surprise attack? These are the key issues of national security for our country today.

Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea, reaffirmed his commitment to the US, which seems fair since his army is a product of our training and technology. They would not go down easily, and North Korea knows this. Our submarines are close and armed with warheads. But we are saddened by the people who suffered for many years after our two legendary attacks on the Japanese island. We can rapidly dispatch missiles containing nuclear payload, faster than any enemy, but what would it take? Who shoots first?

We must wait for North Korea to make the first move. We must intercept their bomb over their own country and localize the blast. Then our counterattack must level key cities. We must commit a localized holocaust. The damage will last for decades, turning much of a tiny country into a wasteland. The people would not welcome us as liberators, but angels of death, the US grim reapers. If the confict extends into China, more would face doom. Many would die that did not deserve it. Our sadness will taint our collective consciousness deeply for decades and persist forever as a skeleton ghost in the closet.

The future depends on Kim Jong Un. His megalomania has achieved extreme power. With a single phrase, he can begin the end of many lives. If he does not give the command, nothing happens. We go on as we have, with the watchers on the wall. An entire continent, Asia, is a victim of suspense. We must hang on his words and his actions, and he is the dictator of our next move. The entire world has fallen under his thrall.

Welcome to Cold War II.

All war is unjust, for it elevates the strong above the weak. Stronger is not necessarily better. Eliminating weaker people creates more unfairness, because it reduces the number of good people on the planet. We should solve our conflicts based on other qualities, like intelligence, technology, or production. Only when we stop killing each other will we have the best conditions for human rights and human life.

Wall Street Journal: North Korea Claims to Conduct Large Nuclear Test

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