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I am the kind of person who loses their job for sharing their beliefs.  People should not be judged by race, sex, age, or any other factor, but individually as people.  In March 2017 I walked in to the office and was met by the owner of the company at my desk.  He said he had to fire me, but I couldn’t imagine why.  He announced that he had to fire me over a public Facebook post.  I had quoted a disrespectful statement about “blacks,” and stated that I had heard the quote at work.  My company was listed in my Facebook profile, so the owner feared what people would think.  He stated, “Twelve of the richest people in Nacogdoches could have made the comment,” and all of them are his clients.

Welcome to my response: a pseudonymous website.  The name Jude Lieber is a front for my public actions to secure liberty and justice for all.